Horoscope 3

Aries March 21 - April 19

Stop smoking! There is a sign says "Stop Smoking"

Taurus April 20 - May 20

Learn martial arts, you might need it, because someone is following you.

Gemini May 21 - June 21

Turn off the light before you have sex with your wife it can help a lot.

Cancer June 22 - July 22

Try to lose your friend his not friendly anymore.

Leo July 23 - August 22

Your having a bad day, and a friend will give you a deodorant to solve the problem.

Virgo August 23 - September 22

Its your lucky day! You will not hit by a car today

Libra September 23 - October 22

You'll forgot to wear your underwear, because your girlfriend's husband is down stairs.

Scorpio October 23 - November 21

Your trying to lose weight today, maybe tomorrow, next week?, next year?

Sagittarius November 22 - December 21

An office mate will approach you and ask Are you pregnant?

Capricorn December 22 - January 19

You'll meet the girl of your dreams... In your dreams...

Aquarius January 20 - February 18

You can't open the door you have the right key but wrong house.

Pisces February 19 - March 20

You'll have a free groceries today from chinese supermarket.

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Hicham said...

The illustrations + comments are nice :)